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Frequently Asked Questions

What age group is served by the JAC?

The JCJAC serves youth ages 10 to 17.

What happens if I don’t come get my child?

We understand the stress caused by your son or daughter being transported to the Jefferson County Juvenile Assessment Center (JAC). Critical decisions concerning your child’s future should be considered carefully. Parents of juveniles transported to the JAC are encouraged to contact the Juvenile Assessment Specialist by dialing the JAC’s main phone number to explore options.

Can I have the police transport my child to the JAC?

Juveniles may be transported to the JCJAC by their parents or at the discretion of local law enforcement agencies.

My child got a ticket from the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office that says we have to call the JAC within seven days. What do I do next?

Most likely, your child has been given a Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office Juvenile Promise to Appear (JPTA) citation. Contacting the JAC is not necessary. The JPTA will be processed by both the Sheriff’s office and Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office. You will be contacted in 4 to 8 weeks regarding the matter. Please feel free to contact the JAC to have any questions answered.

How do I contact juvenile probation or diversion?

Juvenile Probation Department: 720-497-7752
Juvenile Diversion Department: 720-497-7800

How do I find services for my child?

The Jefferson County Juvenile Assessment Center offers assessments free of charge to the general public. Calling to schedule an appointment is highly recommended; however, the JAC is open 24 hours a day, and walk-ins are welcome. Parents are given recommendations and resources upon completion of the assessment process. The assessment process does not generate a juvenile criminal record.

My child is in MVDC. How do I bond him or her out?

There are two ways to post bond for your youth. Depending on the type of bond, you may need to post bond at the Courthouse. If your child was given a Cash, Surety, or Property (CSP) bond, you can post the full amount at the Juvenile Clerk’s window on the 1st floor of the Jefferson County courthouse. If you cannot post the full amount yourself, you will need to contact a bail bondsman. Typically, bondsmen charge 10-15% of the full bond amount and then require some form of collateral (land deed, car title, etc.). If your youth was issued a Personal Recognizance (PR) bond, you are not required to post any cash in order to bond your child from Mount View Youth Services Center. In order to post a PR bond, you can report to the Juvenile Clerk’s window or directly to Mount View Youth Services Center. Bond is usually returned to you when your juvenile’s case reaches a disposition or is dismissed. You are not required by law to post bond for your child.

My child is not obeying the terms of his or her bond. What are my options?

Parents may return to any detention hearing at the Jefferson County Court House with or without the juvenile in question to explain the situation and be removed form the bond. Excluding legal holidays, detention hearings are held at 1:30 PM on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.

My child won’t go to his/her court date. What do I do?

As the responsible party, at least one parent is required to appear at all court dates concerning their child. Should your child refuse to attend a court date, you should appear before the judge or magistrate on the scheduled date and time to explain the situation.

What is a Dependency and Neglect charge (D&N)?

For D&N information please contact the Jefferson County Department of Human Services Child Protection Team at (303) 271-4131.

My child has a municipal warrant what should we do?

Any juvenile with an active warrant of any kind could be taken into custody after having contact with law enforcement. You should contact the municipal court that issued the warrant in order to schedule a court date. You may also transport your child to the JAC and have the municipal warrant converted into a bond with a new court date. After being bonded, the warrant will no longer be active.

How much does an assessment cost?

Assessments are free of charge to the general public.

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