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What We Do

Scheduling an Assessment

Youth brought to the JCJAC without charges by parents are regarded as “Self Referrals.” We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The JCJAC is available for emergency walk-in assessments at any time; however, scheduling an appointment is recommended. Appointments may be scheduled by contacting the JCJAC at (720) 497-7770.

Transports or Community Referrals

“Transported or Community Referral youth” are brought directly to the assessment center, with or without new charges, by law enforcement agents. Transported youth complete an intake form and motivational interview with a trained intake specialist. Key areas explored include, but are not limited to, mental health, substance abuse, family history, school functioning, law enforcement contact, and peer relationships. Data is entered into the JCJAC database, and any areas of concern are discussed with the family members taking custody upon release.

Detention Screens

Officers call from the field when they have apprehended and charged a youth with an offense that will likely require detention as an immediate sanction. Intake specialists complete the screening instrument with the youth and officer over the phone and validate the information via Colorado State Courts Database (CSCDA) and the Juvenile Information System (JIS). If the youth is indeed detainable, the officer transports the youth to Mount View Detention Center (MVDC). If not detainable, the youth is transported to the JCJAC and completely assessed as described above.

Case Management (Low Risk Offender Program and Municipal Probation)

The District Attorney’s Office reviews Juvenile Promise to Appear cases and refers primarily first time offenders to the JCJAC for assessment and short term case management. Additionally, the JCJAC takes referrals for case management for district courts, local municipal courts, for case management services. Upon receipt of these cases, JCJAC staff contacts the youth and family to arrange an intake which involves the assessment process described above, as well as an interview with the family, information gathering from school, and any other relevant sources. A contract is drawn up with the youth which states (among other things) that the successful completion of the contract will allow for dismissal of the case, and breach of the contract will cause the case to be “bumped up” to either diversion or the court. Contracts involve both sanctions and referral to services, and are monitored weekly by case managers. Typical length of case management is two months. Case managers ideally carry a load of 25-30 cases.

Arson Education Referral

In conjunction with the West Metro Fire Protection District (WMFD), the JCJAC is able to offer a one-time arson education class to youth with fire setting history or charges. This is a fee-for-service program. An investigator from West Metro conducts the class with assistance from a senior case manager. Both parent and youth are required to attend. Contact the JCJAC for a referral. An evaluation of the effects of this program on recidivism is underway.

Time Out

Probation, Parole, Social Services, and R-1 schools can use the JAC as a brief time-out for youth. On a case-by-case basis, youth are brought to the JCJAC, complete a short assessment process, and provide background information as to their current difficulties (corroborated with referring individuals). Time out may be used as an intermediate service for juveniles at risk of entering the juvenile justice system, but does not always generate a juvenile criminal record.


Legally sworn-in staff bond Jefferson County municipal warrants, county warrants, and truancy warrants. Staff also make arrangements with neighboring jurisdictions for bonding out of county municipal warrants.

Fast Track Program

Livescan equipment is installed and ready for use to provide a single point of entry for M-1 and felony youth in Jefferson County. Court dates for the Jefferson County District Courts will also be assigned when youth are transported to the JCJAC, booked, and transported to Mount View Detention Center.

School Notification

Co-located staff from the DA’s office and R-1 schools fulfill the requirements of HB-1119, by providing timely notification to schools when an enrolled youth is charged with a crime in district court.

Data Access

24/7 access is available to law enforcement, schools, social services, probation, and courts through the onsite SASI database (schools), Colorado State Courts Database (District Court), JCJAC database, and most recently through CCIC/NCIC and JIS.

Cooperating Programs

The CrossRoads program is co-located and provides mental health, family advocacy services.

Sex Offender Case Management

Specialized staff supervise pre-adjudicated juveniles charged with low level sex offenses who are referred by law enforcement and/or the Jefferson County DA’s office. Case management consists of monitoring  school attendance/employment, compliance with community safety plan(s), and treatment participation.