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Colorado Youth Detention Continuum

Colorado Youth Detention Continuum (Previously - Senate Bill 94)

The Colorado Youth Detention Continuum (CYDC) provides structure and funding to local jurisdictions for a continuum of services designed to ensure that youth are supervised at a level that is commensurate with their risk to the community. The 1st Judicial District is responsible for the screening of all youth referred to secure detention and for an assessment of risk. CYDC provides an array of services based upon each Judicial District’s unique Juvenile Services Plan.

Each local CYDC program has a Juvenile Services Planning Committee (JSPC) and a local CYDC Coordinator to have oversight of the implementation of local CYDC Services. Detailed descriptions of the program structure and roles of CYDC staff, along with the enabling statutes can be found in the CYDC Reference Manual.

Fast Track Definition/Track:

The Fast Track Program is designed to divert youth who have a pending charge from being detained at a juvenile facility, allowing the youth to return home pending the court date. The Juvenile Assessment Center staff will provide the youth and family with a Promise to Appear that includes a court date as well as an appointment with a CYDC Pretrial Case Manager.


Pre-File vs. Pre-Trial:

  • Pre-File: Designed to divert (eligible) youth from entering the justice system through a filed court case. These youth would be referred to Diversion by the Juvenile Assessment Center and would have an appointment scheduled with the Jefferson County Diversion Program for the screening process. If it is determined by Jefferson County Diversion they are appropriate and accepted to the Pre-File Program, the criminal charges would not be filed. If the youth deemed to not be appropriate and are declined by Jefferson County Diversion or the youth fails out of the Pre-File program due to noncompliance, the family is referred back to the Juvenile Assessment Center and the steps of the Fast Track Program are then completed.

  • Pre-Trial: If the youth is deemed ineligible for Diversion, a CYDC Pretrial Case Manager will then meet with the family on the designated date to offer the youth and family the opportunity to voluntarily participate in a supervision contract. This supervision can also assist in providing the youth and family services which could help support them through the court process. CYDC Pretrial Case Managers attend court and provides updates regarding the youth’s progress and compliance.



  • A type of security required by the court before a youth is released from detention.

  • If a youth is released on Bond, they will be expected to comply with CYDC supervision services.  This could include, but is not limited to:

    • Telephone communications

    • Office visits

    • Home visits

    • School visits

    • Random drug testing

    • Mental health or substance abuse evaluation and/or treatment

    • Counseling

    • Electronic Home Monitoring

  • Any violation of the terms of the supervision agreement could result in a warrant being issued and the youth being placed back in detention